Nicol Research Lab

The Nicol research lab efforts are focused on identifying factors that influence the efficacy of antivirals (and other anti-infectives) in tissue compartments.

Nicol Lab with Goldy (November 2022)

Tissue Pharmacology for HIV and Related Infections

We are working to describe the penetration of drugs used to treat HIV and related infections into tissue compartments such as the genitals, brain, and lymph tissue. There is a paucity of data on the factors that modulate drug efficacy in tissue compartments yet drug distribution to these tissues is critically important for HIV prophylaxis, suppression of viral shedding, and eradication of viral reservoirs.

Our translational lab uses a variety of research approaches with projects spanning in vitro, ex vivo, and clinical studies. We have active studies in both Minnesota as well as Kampala, Uganda.

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